Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carbide Lined Collets Manufacturers

Swiss Type Precision  - Sliding Head Automat Collets and Guide Bushes

Carbide Lined Guide Bushes & Sliding Head Collets for Swiss Turn Automat Machines

TORNOS - M4 / T4 / TV /  MP4 / MT4 / M7 / MS7 / M10 / R10 / MV / R125 / M15
TORNOS - R16 / R20 / RR20 / M20 / M25 / M28 / M30 / MR32
PETERMANN - P3 / P4 / P7 / P7R / P10 / P16 / P16R / P20 / P20R / P25 / P25R
BECHLER - A4 / AR4 / AS4 / A7 / AS7 / A10 / AR10 / AS10 / BE12 / BE16 / BE20 / BR20 / C26 / C32
STROHM - M45 / M75 / M105 / M125 / M205 / M255
GAUTHIER - 1H / GM75 / GM17 / GM127 / GM15 / GM20 / GM25 etc

Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd 
- Manufacturers & Suppliers of precision Carbide Lined Guide Bushes and Sliding Head Collets for Swiss Type Automatic Machines, Sliding Head Automats, Auto Turning Lathes used in manufacture of precision turned components.

- At RCDPL, we produce and sell quality Carbide Lined Guide Bushing, Sliding Head Collets, Carbide Lined Collets, Micro Size Collets, Micro Guide Bushes for Swiss type automatic turning lathes such as:

- Guide Bushes and Collets executed in carbide and steel materials developed for optimal hardness and extreme wear resistance.

- Carbide-lined Guide Bushes and Sliding Head Collets available in bore diameter starting from 1 mm up to 25mm with round, hexagonal & square bores, in standard or non-standard sizes as per specific orders.

- For conventional cam-driven machines (such as Tornos, Petermann, Bechler, Strohm, Gauthier, Manurhin) as well as for the more recent CNC machines (Citizen, Star, Tornos, Traub, Tsugami, Esco, etc.)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Collets Manufacturer


Collets and Guide bushes are used in the Sliding head machines for precision turned components.
These are work holding devices which grip the drills, and rod for machining on the machine. We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd manufacture collets and guide bushes in carbide lining. These collets are manufactured in round as well as square, hex and other shapes , assyemtric collets.

As the speed of machine is high , there is regular wear and tear of collets and guide bushes.
When the production of an item is for a very long period then in those cases , steel collets and guide bushes wear out very fast.
To get over this problem we provide our clients with carbide lined collets.
We are manufacturers of  carbide lined collets and guide bushes.

Use of carbide lined collets and guide bushes gives these advantages
1. Excellent life
2. High Accuracy
3. Good surface finish on the turned component.

We are manufacturers and exporters of  these collets and guide bushes.
1. Tornos machine carbide lined collet manufacturers.
2. Star machine collet manufacturer.
3. Citizen machine carbide collet manufacturer and exporter.
4. Behler machine carbide lined collet exporter and manufacturer.
5. Petermann machine guide bushes manufacturer
6. Nomura machine collets
7. Schaublin machine collets and guide bushes exporter.
8. Myano machine collets

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wire Drawing Dies Manufacturers


1. Tungsten Carbide dies Exporters : 

Wire drawing dies manufactured by us are used  prominently in M.S, S.S Wire drawing. Carbide dies are also being manufacturered for very large Diameters for the purpose of bar drawing and tube drawing . Our
Wire Drawing Dies are exported to many countries . These T.C dies are also used in flux coating in Welding electrode plant.

2. PCD Dies Exporters

 Our manufactured PCD Dies are used extensively in Aluminium, and copper wire drawing as well as in small diameter sizes of S.S and G.I Wires.
These Wire Drawing Dies are manufactured taking care of the sizes and the surface finish of the wire.
These wire drawing dies are exported and  are also used  in compacting of wires in Electrical Cable Industry, as well as for drawing Tubes of small diameters.

3. Natural diamond Dies: Used in a few areas where the finish on wire is of major concern. The life of this die is much less than that of PCD Dies. Moreover this die can be made for smaller diameters only unlike PCD Dies which can be made for say 20 to 25mm diameter as well.

Cables -Carbide Dies used in Cable Industry


Cables are most often two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly.
Cables can also mean a heavy strong rope known as wire ropes which is used for lifting, hauling and towing or conveying force through tension.
 In electrical engineering - cables are used to carry electric currents.
 An optical cable contains one or more optical fibers in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.

Electric cables are mainly meant for installation in buildings and industrial sites.

 For power transmission at distances greater than a few kilometres  high-voltage cables, power cables are used.

Carbide dies used in Cable Industry are as follows:

  1.  Carbide Wire Drawing Dies are used in Rod break down machines , wet wire drawing machines as well as dry wire drawing.
  2. Carbide Compacting Dies are used for compacting the bunches of wires. Also called as bunching dies.
  3.  Extrusion Dies and Nozzles  These Dies and nozzles are made  in steel , as well as tungsten carbide for various machines for PVC coating of cables.
  4.  Carbide wire guide bushings used in stranding machines , tubular machines.
  5.  Other carbide toolings for improving wear resistance in the manufacturing process of cables.

Now a days, carbide is used in many places in cable industry for good wear resistance.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Guide Bushes Manufacturer


Regal Carbide Dies Pvt. Ltd is a leading name when it comes to manufacturing of carbide lined collets and guidebushes. We are highly specialized in the manufacture of various types of collets and feed fingers. Our stringent commitment to global standards of quality has been the driving force behind our phenomenal growth over a period of more than two decades. 

Our extensive manufacturing expertise enables us to execute even sophisticated and complicated works, to the utmost satisfaction , of our customers. We offer our customers standard work holding and tool holding devices to suite single spindle, multi spindle, CNC, manual lathes, milling machines, machining centers, For application on Cam type & CNC Swiss type sliding head automatic lathes – BECHET, BECHLER, CITIZEN-CINCOM, GAUTHIER, GILDEMEISTER, HARDINGE, HANWHA, INDEX, NEXTURN, MAIER, MANURHIN-KMX, MIYANO, NOMURA, PETERMAN, POLYGIM, STAR, STROHM, TORNOS, TORNOS-DECO, TORNOS-DELTA, TRAUB, TSUGAMI.

Types of collets we Manufacture

A variety of standard sizes and shapes for headstocks and attachments in various types like F, W, B, P, Long nose & Special designs.. Our Collets are available in fractional, decimal and metric sizes & bore profiles in round, Hexagonal,Square, Octogonal & Special shapes.

 We manufacture Carbide lined guide bushes of  – Push type, Drawn type, Magic type, Extra long carbide.
Our Guide bushings are available from bore sizes 1.00mm – 32mm in fractional, decimal and metric sizes. Bore profile includes Round, Hexagonal, Octogonal, Square and special shapes.

The clamping bores in collets are made plain grooved or serrated depending on application. Normally collets are grooved or serrated from a certain diameter onwards.
Other than square and hexagonal bores, collets can be supplied with any profile.
The collet holder has a very important bearing on the concentricity of the collets. Therefore, when making inspections it is essential to  see that the collet holder runs absolutely true .