Monday, July 8, 2013

Wire Drawing Dies for RBD Machine

Wire Drawing dies for RBD Machine

wire drawing dies for RBD machine
PCD Wire Drawing Dies
RBD machines imply Rod break down machine. This machine is used for the wire drawing of copper or aluminum wires in high speed in a series of wire drawing dies. Generally a series of 9 dies, 11 die, 13 die or 15 die machine is used in India. With ever increasing demand for wires, these machines have good wire drawing speeds. Diamond wire drawing dies are preferred because of extremely long life and good surface finish on the wire. 

For Aluminium wires , the wire rod size is 9 mm , and for copper rods the size is 8mm. These RBD machines  are designed for a reduction range of 18 to 24 percent. Wire drawing dies at a certain specified reduction percentage should be used for smooth wire drawing of the wires.

We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd , are suppliers of these PCD wire drawing dies for RBD machines. We have many satisfied clients . 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Carbide Sand Blasting Nozzles by Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd

SandBlasting Nozzles

Carbide Sand Blasting Nozzles
Sand Blasting Nozzle
We make Carbide nozzles for Sand blasting machines as well as for welding electrode industry , and spring manufacturing machines.. These carbide  tools and nozzles have a long life as compared to conventional steel toolings.

Where ever the extrusion process involves high wear resistance, carbide nozzles are used to impart long life and dimensional accuracy.

Types of Sand Blast Nozzles
1. Carbide  Nozzles 
2. Boron Carbide  Nozzles for Sand Blasting Machines
       These nozzles are Aluminium / MS jacketed. The bore dia of these nozzles can be offered in 6mm , 8mm, 10mm. The nozzles available are in Ventury type as well  in straight bore type

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carbide Lined Collets Manufacturers

Swiss Type Precision  - Sliding Head Automat Collets and Guide Bushes

Carbide Lined Guide Bushes & Sliding Head Collets for Swiss Turn Automat Machines

TORNOS - M4 / T4 / TV /  MP4 / MT4 / M7 / MS7 / M10 / R10 / MV / R125 / M15
TORNOS - R16 / R20 / RR20 / M20 / M25 / M28 / M30 / MR32
PETERMANN - P3 / P4 / P7 / P7R / P10 / P16 / P16R / P20 / P20R / P25 / P25R
BECHLER - A4 / AR4 / AS4 / A7 / AS7 / A10 / AR10 / AS10 / BE12 / BE16 / BE20 / BR20 / C26 / C32
STROHM - M45 / M75 / M105 / M125 / M205 / M255
GAUTHIER - 1H / GM75 / GM17 / GM127 / GM15 / GM20 / GM25 etc

Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd 
- Manufacturers & Suppliers of precision Carbide Lined Guide Bushes and Sliding Head Collets for Swiss Type Automatic Machines, Sliding Head Automats, Auto Turning Lathes used in manufacture of precision turned components.

- At RCDPL, we produce and sell quality Carbide Lined Guide Bushing, Sliding Head Collets, Carbide Lined Collets, Micro Size Collets, Micro Guide Bushes for Swiss type automatic turning lathes such as:

- Guide Bushes and Collets executed in carbide and steel materials developed for optimal hardness and extreme wear resistance.

- Carbide-lined Guide Bushes and Sliding Head Collets available in bore diameter starting from 1 mm up to 25mm with round, hexagonal & square bores, in standard or non-standard sizes as per specific orders.

- For conventional cam-driven machines (such as Tornos, Petermann, Bechler, Strohm, Gauthier, Manurhin) as well as for the more recent CNC machines (Citizen, Star, Tornos, Traub, Tsugami, Esco, etc.)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Collets Manufacturer


Collets and Guide bushes are used in the Sliding head machines for precision turned components.
These are work holding devices which grip the drills, and rod for machining on the machine. We at Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd manufacture collets and guide bushes in carbide lining. These collets are manufactured in round as well as square, hex and other shapes , assyemtric collets.

As the speed of machine is high , there is regular wear and tear of collets and guide bushes.
When the production of an item is for a very long period then in those cases , steel collets and guide bushes wear out very fast.
To get over this problem we provide our clients with carbide lined collets.
We are manufacturers of  carbide lined collets and guide bushes.

Use of carbide lined collets and guide bushes gives these advantages
1. Excellent life
2. High Accuracy
3. Good surface finish on the turned component.

We are manufacturers and exporters of  these collets and guide bushes.
1. Tornos machine carbide lined collet manufacturers.
2. Star machine collet manufacturer.
3. Citizen machine carbide collet manufacturer and exporter.
4. Behler machine carbide lined collet exporter and manufacturer.
5. Petermann machine guide bushes manufacturer
6. Nomura machine collets
7. Schaublin machine collets and guide bushes exporter.
8. Myano machine collets